Motivation and Consistency

Robert Sweetgall 
It's amazing how many people have trouble keeping on target in their walking and exercise programs. Most people have no clue as to how to maintain a consistent program. To help you and members of your organization, Creative Walking, Inc. has one simple and highly effective recommendation...

Keep a Journal


Books: Move to Improve, and Walk the Four SeasonsLog all your physical activities. Logging is the single most important lifestyle habit leading to lifelong consistency -- and it takes only a few seconds a day to record your efforts. Yet it makes all the difference in the world in terms of personal pride and feelings of achievement. Plus you'll have something to turn back to for trend comparisons.

If you're willing to try this simple motivational technique, Creative Walking, Inc. offers a walking-logbook-encyclopedia with 52 weeks of pictographic user-friendly logs and walking programs for weight loss, cardiovascular endurance and longevity.

The Walk The Four Seasons Walking & Cross Training Logbook costs only $8.00 -- not a bad deal for 12 months of motivation. For fitness leaders, wellness coordinators, health and physical education specialists and those wishing to expand their knowledge of physical activity and cross-training, the Walk The Four Seasons Teacher's Guide (image below-left) is a valuable resource. And we have just released the highly practical Walk The Four Seasons Pocket Logbook (image below-center).

If you are participating in a pedometer program, the best pedometer logging resources are the books Pedometer Walking (image below-right) and Move to Improve (image above-right).

Walk 4 Seasons Teacher's Guide Walk 4 Seasons Log Book Pedometer Walking


Pedometer-Based Programs

Wearing a high-quality, accurate pedometer to measure the total amount of physical activity you accumulate each day can be extremely motivational — especially for individuals who are not motivated by hard-core, structured workouts. Please click here to learn more about our Pedometer Programs and Pedometer Resources.


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