Pedometer programs

Creative Walking, Inc. offers pedometer programs for corporations, hospitals, communities, health departments, schools and individuals. Our core belief is that great pedometer programs should include ...

  1. Truly excellent pedometers;

  2. Strong accountability - logging / journaling; and

  3. A smart and long-term strategic plan

When Creative Walking, Inc. works with you as your partner in health promotion, we strive to help you get the most out of your pedometer program by ...

The Bottom Line: Your success is our reward. We are not an advertising specialty house looking to make a quick profit from the sale of 5,000 cheap pedometers. Our philosophy is Move to Improve — that every employee, not just the super-active 10,000 step-a-day people, should participate and be rewarded. We also realize that wellness is a journey, not a 6-week, go-crazy, fitness competition.

So ... if you're in this for the long haul, long-term, life-changing benefits of your people, here are the specific pedometer resources we can offer you ...


(A) A choice of truly great pedometers ...

The Digi-Walker 140-S pedometer

Measures STEPS, MILES and ELAPSED TIME via a manual stopwatch

The Digi-Walker 170 pedometer


The Digi-Walker 180 pedometer

Measures STEPS, MILES, ELAPSED TIME (manual stopwatch)

The Creative Walker 120-XLTM

Measures STEPS and TOTAL ACTIVITY TIME via an automatically
activated stopwatch; comes with total memory function and a
"filter" to filter out unwanted shuffle steps; also comes with a
rugged stainless steel metal clip.

The Creative Walker 140-XLTM

Has all the features of the CW 120-XLTM above,
PLUS it provides "MILES" / distance function.

The Creative Walker 170-XLTM

Has all the features of the CW 140-XLTM above,

Deciding on the best pedometer for your program ...

  1. If simplicity is the priority, consider the CW 120-XLTM; it requires no step length calibration;
  2. If both the steps & miles functions are important, consider the DW 140-S;
  3. If steps, miles & auto-activity time are all desirable; consider the CW 140-XLTM;
  4. If the Calories function is important, consider the DW 170;
  5. If you want everything.... Miles, Steps, Auto-Activity Time, Calories, Memory & Filtration ... then consider the CW 170-XLTM.


B) A Choice of User-Friendly Resource Logbooks ...

Move to Improve... contains a wealth of information on how to really use a pedometer effectively, correctly, and long-term... with the critical research linking physical activity to chronic disease risk reduction ... with the Million Step Activity Challenge ... with 2 independent 52-week log / tracking systems ... with conversion factors for activities not measured by pedometers ... with evaluation techniques for measuring your progress ... and specificity of training for weight loss, cardiovascular and anti-aging programs ... all in just 16 easy-to-read pages.

Pedometer Walking... a spiral bound, 112-page illustrated logbook with full chapters on... The Value of Pedometers, Starting from Ground Zero, The Pedometer Fitness Walking Self-Test, Learning to Log, The Cardiovascular & Weight Loss & Longevity Programs, School Pedometer Programs ... and the full 52-week log.

Choosing between Pedometer Walking and Move to Improve

Move to Improve is the simpler, condensed version; Pedometer Walking is a much more comprehensive, detailed work. Both are excellent supportive tools for any pedometer program.


C) A Choice of Turnkey Pedometer Kits created by combining any model of pedometer with either of the two resource logbooks described above

Ordering Your Favorite Pedometer Kit(s)

All pedometer kits come with ...

Pedometer Kits
Pedometer Kit
Unit Costs Per Kit (US$)
1 kit 2-11 kits 12-79 kits 80+ kits
w/Move to Improve
$23 $21 $19 $18
w/Pedometer Walking
$25 $23 $21 $20
w/Move to Improve
$24 $22 $20 $19
w/Pedometer Walking
$26 $24 $22 $21
w/Move to Improve
$26 $24 $22 $21
w/Pedometer Walking
$28 $26 $24 $23
DW 140-S
w/Move to Improve
$25 $23 $21 $20
DW 140-S
w/Pedometer Walking
$27 $25 $23 $22
DW 170
w/Move to Improve
$27 $25 $23 $22
DW 170
w/Pedometer Walking
$29 $27 $25 $24
DW 180
w/Move to Improve
$27 $25 $23 $22
DW 180
w/Pedometer Walking
$29 $27 $25 $24

S&H is $4 PER TOTAL ORDER (for all continental US shipments), regardless of the order size — a total bargain in itself!

NOTE: For orders exceeding 250 pedometer kits, please call us directly at 1-800-762-9255 or e-mail us at or for additional bulk discounting.

Penny Wise; Health-Foolish ...

Some clients ask us: "What would it cost just to buy your pedometers without the kits?" The Answer: The savings amounts to a whole $1.50 in the case of the Move to Improve kits and $3.50 in the case of the Pedometer Walking kits. So instead of receiving all the information on how to use a pedometer, including all the tips, conversions, logs, etc. ... your participants receive just a piece of plastic and you save $1.50! That's why we say, "Get a Pedometer Program, not just a pedometer!" However, if all you want are the pedometers alone, we will sell you the free-standing pedometers.

Three Ways to Order your pedometer resources...

MasterCard/VISA credit card orders accepted.



The Smart Stepping School Program ©

Smart Stepping is a brand new active living program incorporating movement, brain-based learning, walking, math-in-motion, comprehensive health and physical education, and active living and learning. It comes with options to incorporate pedometers, student logs, a Walk Across America theme, a staff wellness program and family activities. The critical resources for implementing this program are:

Smart Stepping Teacher's Guide      Smart Stepping Student's Guide with Motivational Stickers
Smart Stepping Teacher's Guide
Everything educators need to know to implement an active living / active learning school program (elementary to college level). 144 pages, illustrated. $15
  Smart Stepping Student Guide
The healthiest investment you'll ever make for your students. Comes complete with 40 motivational awards for the One Million Footstep Challenge. 48 pages, illustrated. $2
Robert Sweetgall's 28 million footstep challenge poster
Robert Sweetgall's 28 Million Footstep Walk Across America Challenge Poster
Can your school or class retrace Robert Sweetgall's historic 1984-1985, 50-state, 11,208-mile Walk Across America using this colorful illustrated poster as your logging guide? Poster consists of 4 panels, 34" X 11" overall. $5


Ordering Information:

Three Ways to Order your Smart Stepping Resource packages:

Smart Pedometer Strategies:

  1. Challenge your staff to do a ONE MILLION FOOTSTEP CHALLENGE in which each participant strives to log 1,000,000 total steps of activity in one year;
  2. Start your people on a VIRTUAL JOURNEY with a collective goal of:
    1. Walking across America;
    2. Moving across / along an historic trail such as moving down the Mississippi or following the Lewis & Clark Trail;
    3. A trek across your state;
    4. Campus-to-campus journey (connecting your organization's sites; and
    5. a destination journey.
  3. Team competitions (based on either departments or smaller teams trying to log the most steps or miles per participant);
  4. Organizational challenge themes.

IMPORTANT: At no extra charge, Creative Walking, Inc., will help you develop your own custom theme with custom-labeled pedometers; or you can pick a standard, developed theme that suits your needs.


Free Program Consultation

To help your organization get off on the right foot, speak with the expert, Robert Sweetgall, on how to design a Pedometer Walking program or Smart Stepping School Program for your target audience.
Send email to Robert at:
   or call (888) 421-9255 toll free.

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