On this page we describe two major types of programs offered by Creative Walking, Inc.:

Corporate Programs (immediately below) and

Hospital-Community Programs (click here to go directly to this section)

Corporate Programs

Don't have a big budget to promote wellness? No problem! Creative Walking, Inc., offers a complete turnkey wellness program for your employees based on a Million Step Challenge active-living pedometer program (click here to go directly to pedometer programs):

Just try our 4-step approach to save time and money. Here's how our program works...

Employees sign up and receive a pedometer registration kit. Each kit comes with a choice of one of several high-quality pedometers we offer, plus an easy-to-understand pedometer log book with operating & program instructions..
Based on their daily pedometer readings, employees record all physical activities in either their Move to Improve or Pedometer Walking log books.
Upon reaching 125,000 steps, 250,000 steps, etc., employees turn in their coupons to claim awards. Creative Walking, Inc., offers over 50 exciting incentive awards. All you need to do is collect the coupons and fax or email us your precise incentive orders periodically, and we ship everything to your company!
Typically, a year after your initial kick-off, employees can restart the program with new registration kits and an exciting line-up of new incentives.

8 Advantages of Our Program:

Non-threatening to staff       Promotes comprehensive wellness
Highly adaptable Minimum manpower to administer
Great incentive awards High participation rates
Low cost per participant Doable on a limited budget

To learn more about our Healthy Incentive Awards and our strategies for keeping employees motivated on a shoestring budget, click here.

Hospital - Community Programs

Today many hospitals are taking a preventive approach in health promotion by sponsoring classes, workshops, seminars, wellness days and various special events to educate and motivate citizens in their communities. Primary target groups include:

In support of this effort, Creative Walking, Inc. offers the services of motivational speaker Robert Sweetgall. In a typical day of hospital-community health education, Sweetgall often presents a multitude of sessions as outlined below:

Robert Sweetgall's Speaking Package:

Target Group Group Size Time of Day Session Title Affiliated Groups
Corporate Business Leaders 25 to 75 Earlybird Breakfast Seminar 7:30 - 9:00am Worksite Wellness: Surviving Stress in a Wild World Corporate Outreach Programs and Chamber of Commerce
Seniors 50 to 100 Mid-morning or Mid-afternoon Physical Activity, Longevity and The Meaning of Life Hospital Seniors programs; Council on Aging and area senior centers
Hospital Employees 50 to 200 11:00am - 1:00pm Lunchtime Seminars Walking Off Weight & Stress Hospital Wellness Program
Community Schools (students & staff) 200 to 800 per school assembly mid "am" or mid "pm" The Walking Wellness School Assembly All area education groups & administrators
Community-at-large 100 to 500 early evening 7:00 to 8:30pm Walking Off Weight & Stress Outreach to entire community with newsletters, flyers, media, etc.

To brainstorm on how to organize such an "ALL IN A DAY" Program with Robert Sweetgall, call (800) 762-9255. Quotes and references on request.

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