" 'A sound mind in a sound body' is a short
but full description of a happy state in this world."

John Locke -- Some Thoughts Concerning Education

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Unfortunately, today in education, we are failing to produce a balanced child as schools have become so preoccupied with test scores and the "No Child Left Behind" program. This, coupled with cutbacks in physical education, school busing (remember when we all walked to our schools?), video games, television, and internet surfing, is producing the fattest generation of children in American history.

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Two decades ago Creative Walking Inc. recognized this emerging trend and responded by developing an entire package of school walking programs appropriate for kindergarten to college levels. In developing these programs, designer Robert Sweetgall gave consideration to the following points:

  1. What physical activity other than walking can all teachers and all students do successfully without intimidation?
  2. What physical activity is safer than walking?
  3. How much equipment do you need to purchase to walk?
  4. What school can't afford ten or fifteen minutes a day of fresh air walking to oxygenate the brains of its children and teachers?

Since 1985 Creative Walking Inc. has helped over 5,000 schools and school districts implement walking and wellness programs such as Walk with the Principal, Walk Across America, Before and After School Walking Clubs, the 100-Mile Walk Club Project, The Big Walk Program, Walk Across America Theme Project, Start the School Day With a Walk, School Walk-A-Thon Fundraisers, the Walk-and-Write Program, and the Smart Stepping active living pedometer program.


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Smart Stepping is a creative program incorporating movement, brain-based learning, walking, math-in-motion, comprehensive health and physical education, and active living and learning. It comes with options to incorporate pedometers, student logs, a Walk Across America theme, a staff wellness program and family activities. The critical resources for implementing this program are:

Smart Stepping Teacher's Guide      Smart Stepping Student's Guide with Motivational Stickers
Smart Stepping Teacher's Guide
Everything educators need to know to implement an active living / active learning school program (elem. to college level). 144 pages, illustrated. $15
  Smart Stepping Student Guide
The healthiest investment you'll ever make for your students. Comes complete with 40 motivational awards for the One Million Footstep Challenge. 48 pages, illustrated. $2
Robert Sweetgall's 28 million footstep challenge poster  
Robert Sweetgall's 28 Million Footstep Walk Across America Challenge Poster
Can your school or class retrace Robert Sweetgall's historic 1984-1985, 50-state, 11,208-mile Walk Across America using this colorful illustrated poster as your logging guide? Poster consists of 4 panels, 34" X 11" overall. $5
  CW120XLTM Pedometer
The CW120XLTM pedometer measures total steps and total activity time (via an automatically activated stopwatch). Plus it comes with memory function and a filter to "filter out" isolated shuffle-wiggle steps. Safety leashes come with all pedometers.


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