How much Weight do you want to lose? Or are you looking for a weight loss program for your corporation, hospital or organization?

Either way, Creative Walking, Inc. can help you. Start by walking through the Walking Off Weight Workbook — 96 pages focusing on 14 critical concepts in weight management.

The Walking Off Weight Program

14 Steps to Lasting Weight Loss:

  • Step  1 — Diets Don't Work
  • Step  2 — The Three M's of Weight Loss
  • Step  3 — Picture Food as Fuel
  • Step  4 — Go For High-Octane Fuel
  • Step  5 — Eat Early
  • Step  6 — Think Oxygen
  • Step  7 — Walk After Meals
  • Step  8 — Walk for Time-Not Speed
  • Step  9 — Be a Swinger
  • Step 10 — The Magic Ten Two's Formula
  • Step 11 — Walk Eight Days a Week
  • Step 12 — M&M's are Really Football Fields
  • Step 13 — Little Changes; Big Differences
  • Step 14 — Take the "P" Test


audio tape

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 8 — Walk for Time-Not Speed
The key to walking off weight is not how fast you walk, but rather how far you go. By slowing down to a more moderate pace, you will be able to walk longer and burn more calories.
Chapter 11 — M&M's Are Really Football Fields
Eat one little M&M candy and you are walking the full length of a football field to burn it off. The small-sized bag of M&M's (with 53 M&M's ) is 53 football fields. A can of Budweiser Beer is 36 football fields. A Snickers Bar – 54 football fields. A slice of pizza- 80 football fields.

If you are visually motivated, watch Robert Sweetgall's Walking Off Weight (1 hour, 52 minutes; full color, VHS [shown] or DVD [not shown]), produced from a live community seminar at St. Luke's Hospital.

Weight Loss Classes & Groups

Instructors can teach the complete 14 Step Walking Off Weight program using the workbook, audio tape, and video by covering 1 or 2 Walking Off Weight concepts on a weekly basis.

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